Handmade Girly Aprons / Bridal shower apron

These are my first attempts at aprons. Having not sewed a thing in years, and dealing with a machine that I was sure had a mind of its own, I eventually created four aprons. Now that I’m more familiar with the machine, the type of fabrics I should have used and the general technique of sewing, I think my next sewing endeavor may be a little better than this one, but I’m still proud of them and look forward to learning more. I plan to create a template and a step-by-step tutorial for myself so I can remember how to do these for next time because I’d like to weed out the most accurate and efficient way to make these. Also, I have a horrible memory when it comes to detailed steps. Also, I realize that these aprons aren’t sewed with neat stitches and there is bunching of fabrics, and editing issues but I hope I’m able to learn from what I did I wrong for next time.

First apron, Blue Poke-a-dot apronĀ 


Apron 2, Soft pink poke-a-dot apronĀ 


Apron 3, Purple Geometric, Stripes & Poke-a-dots apron for my cousin Elizabeth’s birthday gift


Apron 4, Bridal Shower apron for my soon-to-be cousin, Niketa


The best part of making this project: Knowing that my cousins will all love them because they were designed especially for them.

What I learned most with this project: The golden rule I’d forgotten and paid for -‘measure twice, cut once!’ lol

What’s Next?: I will attempt to make me a simplistic form of the Rainbow Brite dress and a Twink costume for my 3 year-old nephew, Riley.